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Building Defects, High Winds Are A Dangerous Mix in Colorado

Not often is school cancelled because of dangerous wind speeds in Colorado. For students at the Sargent Junior/Senior High School, however, it is a real possibility if wind speeds pick up to even moderate levels. According to The Pueblo Chieftain, the school district will evacuate the school if wind speeds exceed 25 mph due to safety issues resulting from the way the school was built in August 2010.

The problem arose in 2011 after design flaws caused the closing of a Colorado elementary school, leading the school’s builder to hire engineering firms to review its work on other buildings across the state, The Pueblo reported. One such firm found flaws in the design of the Sargent school: The auditorium and gymnasium roof joists were not adequately connected to the walls.

Colorado Construction Defect Lawsuits

In this case, there does not appear to be a dispute about the defects, repairs or payment. In many cases, though, such allegations can end up in construction defect litigation . Before going to court with such claims, Colorado requires plaintiffs to follow certain procedures.

According to FindLaw.com, construction defect lawsuits most commonly fall into the following categories:

  • Design flaws
  • Building material flaws
  • Construction flaws
  • Subsurface flaws

Expansive soil conditions are typical in Colorado, causing cracked foundations or floor slabs, improper settling, moving or shifting of buildings, flooding and even landslides in severe cases. These examples of construction defects illustrate the many problems that can arise; similarly, many parties are potentially liable for causing these defects, including sellers, builders, subcontractors and manufacturers of the building materials.

Construction defect disputes often include the following issues:

  • Structural integrity, including unstable foundations
  • Water intrusion, often resulting in toxic mold
  • Thermal and moisture protection
  • Flashing deterioration
  • Soil expansion
  • Mechanical problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Door, window and glass problems

Individuals and businesses considering legal action for problems with a residential or commercial building, as well as those facing such claims should contact an 27 years of experienced, skilled construction defect attorney to seek successful, efficient resolution of your case.