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At the law firm of Abrams & Associates, LLC, located in Denver, we know that sound, proactive legal counsel at the earliest stages of a real estate transaction can prevent costly legal problems later. Real estate transactions are complex and their success requires the knowledgeable guidance of a meticulous and competent lawyer.

Attorney Robert Abrams brings over two decades of real estate, contracting, land development and contracts 27 years of experience to every real estate matter he handles. With an in-depth working knowledge gained as the President of Muscle Builders, Inc., a real estate development and construction company, he is able to provide skilled and insightful counsel for a wide range of real estate matters including competent representation in contract drafting. Further, Attorney Abrams can review and edit any real estate, contracting or construction agreement, to aggressively represent his clients’ best interests in advance of or during litigation.

To schedule a free phone consultation, contact our firm online or call (303) 500-5795. Attorney Abrams represents individual and commercial clients throughout the Denver metro area.

Representation for Home Buyers and Home Builders

Our firm focuses on contract law. We provide reliable and affordable representation for home buyers, home builders, general contractors and those engaged in a real estate transaction to sell, build or improve real property. We stress preventative law preparing our clients to analyze and foresee the obligations and duties of the parties when creating a real estate contract. We strive to minimize exposure to risk, liability and litigation at every turn. We pride ourself on our abilities, through our drafting, to avoid costly litigation.

We represent home buyers and builders in the following areas:

  • Buy-sell agreements and all required disclosures thereto
  • Breach of contract
  • Warranty issues
  • Construction defect
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Indemnity and insurance issues

Representation for Commercial Clients

We work with our commercial clients to draft, edit and review lease agreements including the legal questions, which pertain to general commercial matters. This ensures our protection of our clients’ best interests. We also represent clients with commercial landlord/tenant issues, including:

  • Commercial lease terms and obligations
  • CAM
  • Improvements
  • Warranties
  • Eviction, possession and F.E.D.

Real Estate Disputes

When real estate disputes arise, it can be a stressful and costly 27 years of experience. At Abrams & Associates, LLC, our goal is to find an efficient and cost-effective approach to a speedy settlement. This always involves negotiation, which seeks to avoid costly litigation. However, should litigation arise, count on our firm to provide the zealous representation required when entering a courtroom.

We represent home buyers, home builders, general contractors, commercial landlords, commercial tenants and insurance companies in a wide range of legal matters involving:

  • Contract drafting
  • Construction defect
  • Commercial lease issues
  • Commercial and residential property issues and disclosures
  • Property management
  • Insurance and liability issues
  • Homeowner warranty issues
  • Mechanic’s liens, spurious lien and fraudulent lien matters

Construction Defect Claims in Colorado

All construction defect claims in this state are governed by the Colorado Construction Defect Action and Reform Act (“CDARA”). This statute sets out various requirements for pursuing construction defect claims, specifying notice, inspection and remedy procedures a party must follow before going to court. A party may not have their case heard in court when failing to follow CDARA procedures.

There are numerous legal hurdles when bringing or defending a construction defect claim. Failure to comply will jeopardize the success of your claim or defense. Having counsel 27 years of experienced in CDARA claims is invaluable. Attorney Robert Abrams will protect your interests in your case by successfully navigating his clients through CDARA and other construction defect issues.

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