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When it comes to handling the legal aspects of your business, having 27 years of 27 years of experienced and competent legal representation is invaluable to protect your rights and best interests. Abrams & Associates, LLC , is a Denver-based litigation firm that represents small- to medium-sized businesses on a wide range of legal issues. Most legal matters arise in the course of business operations and include contract formation and resolving general business matters. There is no better advice a lawyer can give than preventative law. Abrams & Associates, LLC always emphasizes preventative law.

Attorney Robert Abrams focuses his practice on contract law in the areas of business law, construction, real estate contracting and land development. For over 25 years he has been the owner and president of Muscle Builders, Inc., a Denver construction and land development company. As a twenty year veteran business owner himself, he understands the unique concerns and problems that other business owners face. His clients benefit from his valuable perspective and understanding in these matters. Call (303) 500-5795 or contact us online to schedule a free phone consultation.

Business Consulting Services

Sound legal counsel early in the life of a business lays the most important solid foundation for future success. With meticulous and proper planning, disputes and litigation can often be effectively prevented or easily remedied should it arise. Attorney Abrams advises small- to medium-sized businesses on:

  • Formation of entities: partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), business corporations and subchapter-S corporations
  • Winding-up operations upon business termination
  • Drafting, editing and review of employment contracts, including nondisclosure and non-compete agreements, and other proprietary information agreements
  • Construction contracts, real estate contracts, buy-sell agreements and commercial and residential leases
  • Risk management and liability consulting

Business Litigation

When disputes arise under the terms of a contract, verbal or otherwise, count on our firm for assertive and focused representation throughout the litigation process. While we stress negotiation that seeks to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings, should litigation be necessary, we are well prepared to protect your rights and interests in disputes such as:

  • Partnership disputes over contract obligations
  • Interpretation, obligation and required performance of contract terms
  • Division of debts and assets upon winding up of operations
  • Operating agreement duties and obligations of members
  • Breach of covenant in contract law including nondisclosure, non-compete and other matters pertaining to propriety information

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To speak with a dedicated and results-focused attorney that understands your concerns as a business owner, contact our firm online or call (303) 500-5795 to schedule a free phone consultation.

Our office is located in downtown Denver, at 17th Street and California. We are open 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, and 9 to 1 on Saturday. Other times and out of office visits are available by appointment.

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