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Kyle joined Abrams & Associates, LLC in July of 2019 and immediately played an important role achieving his client’s litigation goals. Kyle continues to grow as a lawyer, gaining substantial experience in construction, business, real estate, and family law and developing his talents as a legal researcher and advocate for his clients. His strengths include deep analysis of complicated legal issues and evaluating the intangible consequences of legal strategies with his clients. Kyle has quickly proven himself as an invaluable contributor to the continued and growing success of Abrams & Associates, LLC.
Kyle hails from Des Moines, Iowa. He relocated in Denver for the outdoor lifestyle Colorado affords, including hiking, fishing, and rock climbing. Kyle received his Juris Doctor from University of Oregon Law School where he was the Editor of Technology for the esteemed Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation. Kyle’s emphasis during law school was in environmental and natural resource law, and he participated in the school’s Natural Resource Law clinic. He was also a frequent contributor to the school’s Environmental Law Conference.
Kyle began in environmental law, and continues to show a passion for environmental justice. This unique perspective is an invaluable contribution to clients involved with large-scale real estate and construction projects, which often implicate environmental rules and regulations.