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We had a very difficult land use case in the Mountains of Colorado and this firm, Abrams, Sullenberger, LLC had the backbone and skills to help us prevail. We can’t say enough about how professional and helpful this team was in defending our interests. This firm is top notch and worth every penny. Robert, Neil and Jennifer are experts in their fields and exceeded our expectations. I could go on and on but in short, if I need help in the future this firm is my only choice.
B. Stinchcomb, October 2020

Delivering credit where credit is due, to Robert Abrams lead counsel at Abrams, Sullenberger law firm. EVERY friend I referred to him, after asking for a legal referral, either comes back to me singing his praises or just….quietly…. WINS. That’s one hell of a track record. For contract law, divorce, real estate and more….. highly recommended!!
-Brian F., October 2020

We hired Abrams Law to recover money from a vendor that breached their contract. Dealing with Bob was very easy and professional. He was very upfront about the costs and likelihood of success or failure for our case. It was not cheap and in the end our recover while 100% basically covered the costs of suing. But, the satisfaction of winning over a vendor that didn’t believe we would spend the money to take them to court was even more worthwhile. The judge had every reason to “pierce the veil” of the company’s organization but chose not to, had he done that we likely would have been able to recover all of our money and costs for the suit. Overall we were very pleased with our representation and while we would prefer not to have to go to court again, we would certainly hire Abrams Law if the need ever came up again.
D. Irish, July 2020

Robert was BORN to litigate. Everything about him! His style of speech, his demeanor, his relentlessness. He’s a savant at it. Backed by fabulous legal researchers, he’s really unmatched. If I were a lawyer, I’d hate to go up against him in court. Also, he treated me very fairly!
B. Hale, July 2020

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