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The Attorneys at Abrams & Assoc.: I wanted to take time to thank all of you for your efforts on my real estate resolution. Your efforts, knowledge, legal acumen, and reputation were an invaluable contributor to a swift and successful outcome. The buyout price you negotiated is one of the best deals I have ever struck as an entrepreneur. I’ve bought, sold, and been participant to approx.. 10 organizations and conducted tens of millions of dollars in real estate purchase and business purchase transactions. Of all of them, my experience with your law firm has been the best. I wanted to congratulate all of you and provide a sincere thank you for your efforts. Truly, thank you!
– J.F.

It’s not an easy task seeking out an attorney for legal issues. It’s not funny when your caught up in legalities and don’t know who to turn to for professional help. The legal dispute I had was overwhelming weight causing me stress and anxiety, it was a \”legal\” concern. When all had been said and done, the relief and pressure lifted out of my life because of this office of legal minds was so surprisingly mood lifting that I’m still surprised. In my lifetime dealing with legal issues has never been, in the slightest, fun, relieving, or in any way pleasant, even after it’s all over. My issue has been cleared from my life and I have no feeling of being cheated but a great feeling of clear, satisfying and fair relief. During the process, I literally felt like I handed over and unloaded my burden to a competent team, my team. Now it’s over and how satisfied I am with the outcome! In 20/20 hindsight – I could not have picked a better team of legal minds! Thank you so much to Robert Abrams and his team at ABRAMS, SULLENBERGER & ASSOCIATES, LLC
– M.E.

We credit the fabulous work of Robert Abrams and his law firm Abrams & Assoc. We have felt assured of your attention and care to our situation and again “nailing” the defendants and their subcontractors for the shoddy work they did on our renovation. We also liked and appreciated your knowledge to complete the contractor’s unfinished work so we could sell. Your hard work on our behalf, especially coming in for the mediation process when you were so sick, is commendable. The commitment to your clients is amazing and your legal acumen and its application to our case won the settlement. Thank you for making it possible for us to sell our house in a timely manner before the settlement was completed. We were glad you addressed the many issues related to our house fire and its renovation. Thank you for applying your many fine skills and the skills of your staff on our behalf.
– J & M Buckley, May 2021

Robert Abrams is a great attorney. I was so pleased with my experience, and felt so helped. I was trying to buy a house. At the beginning of the process I was not sure where to go for this kind of legal “preventative” contract work and this was just the place. Robert was very helpful and direct during our first conversations, and Jennifer was great to work with during the process of finalizing the contracts. I was buying a house with another person, in a partnership situation, and needed to protect my interests. Robert and his staff did this for me. Thank you!
– T. Green, February 2021

I had a long standing problem with a neighbor making unrealistic requests anytime I wanted to sell my property in Summit County. After hiring Robert Abrams to take care of the ordeals placed upon me, Robert was swift to successfully end all problems related to the attempted blocking of the sale of my home. I really wish I had found him sooner. He is the very best Attorney I have ever used, would not hesitate to call him again for anything he or his team specialize in. What a pleasure to have the best working for you! Thanks to Robert and his team for everything. What a fantastic experience dealing with intelligent, respectable, easy to communicate with attorneys that are decent to their customers and very tough on the opposition.
R. Hanson, November 2020

We had a very difficult land use case in the Mountains of Colorado and this firm, Abrams, Sullenberger, LLC had the backbone and skills to help us prevail. We can’t say enough about how professional and helpful this team was in defending our interests. This firm is top notch and worth every penny. Robert, Neil and Jennifer are experts in their fields and exceeded our expectations. I could go on and on but in short, if I need help in the future this firm is my only choice.
B. Stinchcomb, October 2020

Delivering credit where credit is due, to Robert Abrams lead counsel at Abrams, Sullenberger law firm. EVERY friend I referred to him, after asking for a legal referral, either comes back to me singing his praises or just….quietly…. WINS. That’s one hell of a track record. For contract law, divorce, real estate and more….. highly recommended!!
-Brian F., October 2020

We hired Abrams Law to recover money from a vendor that breached their contract. Dealing with Bob was very easy and professional. He was very upfront about the costs and likelihood of success or failure for our case. It was not cheap and in the end our recover while 100% basically covered the costs of suing. But, the satisfaction of winning over a vendor that didn’t believe we would spend the money to take them to court was even more worthwhile. The judge had every reason to “pierce the veil” of the company’s organization but chose not to, had he done that we likely would have been able to recover all of our money and costs for the suit. Overall we were very pleased with our representation and while we would prefer not to have to go to court again, we would certainly hire Abrams Law if the need ever came up again.
D. Irish, July 2020

Robert was BORN to litigate. Everything about him! His style of speech, his demeanor, his relentlessness. He’s a savant at it. Backed by fabulous legal researchers, he’s really unmatched. If I were a lawyer, I’d hate to go up against him in court. Also, he treated me very fairly!
B. Hale, July 2020