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Mar 21 2024 After extensive interaction with Robert Abrams of Abrams & Assoc, I couldn’t be more impressed. Personally, I found myself in a very precarious situation in relation to a catastrophic business event, and possible lawsuits from every angle. I even had other attorneys pressing me to do specific tasks (which we determined to be illegal!). I consulted with Robert and his team, and after extensive & astute analysis of the details, discovered I was actually free of liability and he armed me with a statement & procedure that protected me from legal proceeding. His skills kept me OUT of court, before it ever began. The prevention was worth its weight in gold. Additionally, I have referred 10-12 friends, colleagues, clients for anything from real estate, to contracts, to divorce – 100% of my referrals later thanked me profusely for the referral, and sang his praise after the victory. You can retain Robert & his firm with extreme confidence!

– Brian F

Mar 14 2024 Robert was very kind to me and very aggressive when it came to a matter I needed resolved. I am very happy with the outcome and would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing an attorney to assist with building and construction matters. Thank you, Robert!

– Andria Urig

I am so thankful that I found Robert to help me with my boundary dispute in the mountains. I had purchased vacant land in the mountains with the intent of building a mountain home when my neighbor decided she owned a sizable piece of my property. Greedy as my neighbor is, neither she nor her attorney were able take what didn’t belong to them. Robert knows the law and shines in a courtroom. Being involved in a lawsuit would be stressful for anyone, but I was confident in Robert. He always has a plan and the legal expertise to back his argument. He won my case and I am so thankful he did.

– Reviewed by: CM

Robert was willing to help us out with a case when other attorneys wouldn\’t. He was extremely professional and committed to getting the best outcome for us, which he did in the end. He is straightforward and won\’t waste your time. Robert and his team are exceptionally knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend them to anyone in need of representation.

I am a lawyer here in Colorado. When I needed a consultation to help me understand the full range of issues facing my civil client, my research led me to Robert Abrams. I first contacted him by email, and he invited me to call him. He was generous with his time and his expertise in the area of my litigation was unquestionable. He provided me expanded assistance by introducing me to other experts in the area of my specific need, and took extra time out of his busy practice to identify and locate them for me. I expect to use him as an expert witness in this case, and I eagerly await the opportunity to work with him on other complex contract and construction-related projects.
– Daniel J. Deters, Esq.

The Attorneys at Robert Abrams’ law firm represented me in a long and grueling case that spanned over the course of nearly three years including, case prep, depositions, motions, and a subsequent 5-day jury trial. Mr. Abrams’ litigators are unmatched. They seamlessly destroyed opposing counsel’s claims and effortlessly owned the courtroom. They walked the jury through tough issues and presented the facts of the case with a high moral integrity and strong points of logical reasoning. The results spoke for themselves; I won my case and sole ownership of my business. If you are looking for talented litigators that do not weaken or shy away from pressure, these attorneys are the attorneys for you.
–  A.R.

It’s my pleasure to recommend Mr. Abrams. If you want a straight forward get to the point, with NO BS Mr. Abrams is the best lawyer in town!! I recommend him to everybody!! He is honest, not emotional and doesn’t waste any time!! We were in trial for a week and I am impressed with his ability to deliver the case, understand the evidence and move the jurist. VERY SMART!! GREAT JOB!!

Thank you for all you do!!!
– Emerson Family!!

The Attorneys at Abrams & Assoc.: I wanted to take time to thank all of you for your efforts on my real estate resolution. Your efforts, knowledge, legal acumen, and reputation were an invaluable contributor to a swift and successful outcome. The buyout price you negotiated is one of the best deals I have ever struck as an entrepreneur. I’ve bought, sold, and been participant to approx.. 10 organizations and conducted tens of millions of dollars in real estate purchase and business purchase transactions. Of all of them, my experience with your law firm has been the best. I wanted to congratulate all of you and provide a sincere thank you for your efforts. Truly, thank you!
– J.F.

It’s not an easy task seeking out an attorney for legal issues. It’s not funny when your caught up in legalities and don’t know who to turn to for professional help. The legal dispute I had was overwhelming weight causing me stress and anxiety, it was a \”legal\” concern. When all had been said and done, the relief and pressure lifted out of my life because of this office of legal minds was so surprisingly mood lifting that I’m still surprised. In my lifetime dealing with legal issues has never been, in the slightest, fun, relieving, or in any way pleasant, even after it’s all over. My issue has been cleared from my life and I have no feeling of being cheated but a great feeling of clear, satisfying and fair relief. During the process, I literally felt like I handed over and unloaded my burden to a competent team, my team. Now it’s over and how satisfied I am with the outcome! In 20/20 hindsight – I could not have picked a better team of legal minds! Thank you so much to Robert Abrams and his team at Abrams & Associates, LLC
– M.E.

We credit the fabulous work of Robert Abrams and his law firm Abrams & Assoc. We have felt assured of your attention and care to our situation and again “nailing” the defendants and their subcontractors for the shoddy work they did on our renovation. We also liked and appreciated your knowledge to complete the contractor’s unfinished work so we could sell. Your hard work on our behalf, especially coming in for the mediation process when you were so sick, is commendable. The commitment to your clients is amazing and your legal acumen and its application to our case won the settlement. Thank you for making it possible for us to sell our house in a timely manner before the settlement was completed. We were glad you addressed the many issues related to our house fire and its renovation. Thank you for applying your many fine skills and the skills of your staff on our behalf.
– J & M Buckley, May 2021

“I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU so very much Robert! Our situation was an ongoing nightmare that lasted for 18 months. We contracted with a design company and it did not perform. Unfortunately, they refused to refund our money and refused to work with us on another solution. Long story short, according to the company, we were not going to get any money back. We contacted Abrams & Associates, LLC and within just two weeks we reached a settlement! We are so VERY GRATEFUL to Robert! He did an amazing job analyzing our documents and got the company to cooperate. And, everyone we spoke with at the office was SUPER nice! I would absolutely recommend Robert to my friends and family. We really appreciate all he did for us.”
– Jill Maricle

Robert Abrams is a great attorney. I was so pleased with my experience, and felt so helped. I was trying to buy a house. At the beginning of the process I was not sure where to go for this kind of legal “preventative” contract work and this was just the place. Robert was very helpful and direct during our first conversations, and Jennifer was great to work with during the process of finalizing the contracts. I was buying a house with another person, in a partnership situation, and needed to protect my interests. Robert and his staff did this for me. Thank you!
– T. Green, February 2021

“I was referred to Robert Abrams for a post-divorce issue involving child support and parenting time and was extremely pleased with Robert’s abilities, especially in court. Robert keeps his client’s best interests in mind and is reasonable with his fees. I can’t recommend him enough for post-divorce issues.

I also retained Robert for a personal injury matter, which he handled at the same time as my divorce. He was a pit bull in helping me get a favorable settlement. He practically foams at the mouth while chewing up the other attorneys.

The firm is very helpful, efficient and communicative. If I need any legal help in the future, I’ll go back to them. Highly recommended, talented attorneys.”
– Dr. Kevin Christ

I had a long standing problem with a neighbor making unrealistic requests anytime I wanted to sell my property in Summit County. After hiring Robert Abrams to take care of the ordeals placed upon me, Robert was swift to successfully end all problems related to the attempted blocking of the sale of my home. I really wish I had found him sooner. He is the very best Attorney I have ever used, would not hesitate to call him again for anything he or his team specialize in. What a pleasure to have the best working for you! Thanks to Robert and his team for everything. What a fantastic experience dealing with intelligent, respectable, easy to communicate with attorneys that are decent to their customers and very tough on the opposition.
R. Hanson, November 2020

Abrams & Associates, LLC are excellent and 27 years of experienced family attorneys. I came to Robert Abrams for a contempt issue in my divorce, after either trying to represent myself or hiring ineffective attorneys. I recommend Robert Abrams for any divorce matters—he’ll really fight for you. He got me better results than I ever expected and I’m thrilled I found him. I would return to Abrams for future family law/divorce issues and would send my friends and family to him.”
– B.J.

We had a very difficult land use case in the Mountains of Colorado and this firm, Abrams & Associates, LLC had the backbone and skills to help us prevail. We can’t say enough about how professional and helpful this team was in defending our interests. This firm is top notch and worth every penny. Robert, Neil and Jennifer are experts in their fields and exceeded our expectations. I could go on and on but in short, if I need help in the future this firm is my only choice.
B. Stinchcomb, October 2020

Delivering credit where credit is due, to Robert Abrams lead counsel at Abrams & Associates, LLC. EVERY friend I referred to him, after asking for a legal referral, either comes back to me singing his praises or just….quietly…. WINS. That’s one hell of a track record. For contract law, divorce, real estate and more….. highly recommended!!
– Brian F., October 2020

“Robert has a passion for solving his clients’ problems. He takes their situations seriously and goes the extra mile to achieve the optimum outcome. As a zealous litigator and sharp negotiator, he draws on a broad understanding of both the legal and business aspects of a matter. He further leverages his knowledge and 27 years of experience by drafting precise documents that often yield the desired results outside the courtroom. Robert has integrity, a commitment to what is right and the legal expertise to make that happen. I highly recommend him.”
– Brian B, Denver, CO

“Mr. Abrams represented me in a long, nasty battle with a major bank. I was impressed with his tenacity, focus and accessibility. He quickly responded to my many emails and phone calls, even on weekends! I would highly recommend him to anybody who is having a legal problem with a bank or a contract.”
– Rick L., Denver

We hired Abrams Law to recover money from a vendor that breached their contract. Dealing with Bob was very easy and professional. He was very upfront about the costs and likelihood of success or failure for our case. It was not cheap and in the end our recover while 100% basically covered the costs of suing. But, the satisfaction of winning over a vendor that didn’t believe we would spend the money to take them to court was even more worthwhile. The judge had every reason to “pierce the veil” of the company’s organization but chose not to, had he done that we likely would have been able to recover all of our money and costs for the suit. Overall we were very pleased with our representation and while we would prefer not to have to go to court again, we would certainly hire Abrams Law if the need ever came up again.
D. Irish, July 2020

Robert was BORN to litigate. Everything about him! His style of speech, his demeanor, his relentlessness. He’s a savant at it. Backed by fabulous legal researchers, he’s really unmatched. If I were a lawyer, I’d hate to go up against him in court. Also, he treated me very fairly!
B. Hale, July 2020

“I wouldn’t wish a construction lawsuit on anyone. Especially when building your dream home. The stress is horrible and the difficultly recouping losses caused by faulty construction is challenging at best. My husband and I were determined not to suffer and go away. We hired Robert Abrams and his team for our extensive case. We hung in there and he fought many defendants in the case over several years. In the end, it paid off, and he was able to get us the well deserved settlements we would likely have missed out on, had we given up and not gone with an 27 years of experienced hard fighting lawyer. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I recommend you give his office a call.”
– Michele M. M.D.

“Great settlement! Abrams & Associates, LLC is a terrific law firm. I turned to Robert Abrams after filing a lawsuit pro se, and when he took over, the case became successful. I’m so glad I hired him.

Robert’s understanding of the law and prompt attention to all of my questions or concerns made him easy to work with. He knows what he’s talking about and he is always available to talk to. It would truly be a mistake not to turn to Abrams & Associates, LLC for any business or real estate issues.”
– J.P.

“A million thanks! I am recommending the law firm of Abrams & Associates, LLC. Robert Abrams is a brilliant and gifted lawyer. Mr. Abrams handled my real estate issue with ease and expertise. He is skilled and personable and always willing to listen. He is professional, kind and represented me with integrity and patience. I wish I had found Abrams & Associates, LLC sooner. I would refer Mr. Abrams to anyone facing a real estate problem or issues with Buy/Sell Agreements.”
– Jeanne G

“I had to use Robert for a sticky real estate partnership and was impressed with his ability to get his legal head around my problem. His high energy and legal knowledge were paramount to fixing my problem and gaining a settlement quickly. I have since referred others to Robert and they all have reported back to me about their satisfaction with him and his staff. Check with Robert before you settle on an attorney to help you with any legal issues. He made me feel like he was a big brother that would not let anyone take advantage of family.”
– Jon W

“Amazing law firm! Amazing results! It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Robert Abrams of Abrams & Associates, LLC as a family law and divorce attorney. He handled my post-divorce matters with ease and proficiency, making the whole process less stressful for me and my family.

Mr. Abrams always kept me involved in case decisions and made sure I understood my rights and responsibilities throughout the court process. His legal counsel is unmatched by other lawyers. I always felt he had my best interests in mind because he constantly made time for me and was open and honest.

Abrams & Associates, LLC are truly exceptional lawyers. Their knowledge and 27 years of experience are qualities which are few and far between in family and divorce law firms. I would definitely seek their assistance in the future and highly recommend them.”
– Diana S

“Without hesitation, I recommend Attorney Robert Abrams and his firm, Abrams & Associates, LLC.

Robert’s expertise in contract law and litigation in the fields of real estate, business and construction stem from his background as a land developer and contractor. He’s a proven successful businessman, so you can be certain he wants to reach the best possible settlement or outcome in any matter. I found his tenacity to be quite effective toward the opposition.

Call Robert Abrams at Abrams & Associates, LLC if you have a real estate, business, contract or construction issues.”
– K P.

“Amazing results! Recently an acquaintance of mine needed help with a construction defect and contract issue with a builder. They used Abrams & Associates, LLC‘ legal services. Robert Abrams is a dedicated attorney who works hard, approaches every case uniquely and strives for a quality outcome. I saw him reach a substantial settlement in a case he initially thought was weak.

I recommend Robert Abrams of Abrams & Associates, LLC for issues related to contract law, construction law and general litigation. They are really good lawyers with a good understanding of the law and can present a case very well.”
– B.H., Denver

“I would like to express my gratitude to attorney Robert Abrams and his staff for their professionalism and affordability. Paying attorney fees can be very expensive. Mr. Abrams made sure to keep his costs down while doing an excellent job in my divorce. He also handled the entire real estate issue for me as well. I previously had a bad attorney who was incompetent; I paid the price dearly in time and money.

Abrams & Associates, LLC took a bad situation for me and turned it around in my favor. After changing attorneys I began to win, whereas before changing, I lost all issues. There is no doubt if I had not changed counsel I would have lost my case.

I believe if Robert Abrams were my attorney from the very start, things would have gone better for me. I paid top dollar to an attorney who didn’t seem to care about my situation and I felt bullied and harassed by all parties and counsel, including my own. Robert stepped in, stopped the bullying and began winning on all issues. What a difference the lawyer can make!

Robert is aggressive with the opposition but not with his clients. Robert is fair, helpful and altruistic. His quality of representation is second to none. It is no surprise he is so successful! A lot of businessmen and women, including me, can learn a lot from Mr. Abrams. His work ethic is that of a champion, and his skill level makes him a master of the game. Robert really does all that he can for his clients to win and make it affordable.

You know you have a great attorney when you’re thinking, “He was a little hard on her,” (referring to my ex-wife) when your previous attorney looked at you during mediation and said, “She’s just trying to survive.” No joke! I still can’t believe he said that!

If you become Mr. Abrams’ client, listen to him, trust him and do what he tells you. This is important because he thinks and acts fast. There is always a reason behind his thinking (it’s called strategy), and it becomes crystal clear what he’s doing through the process.

When I found Robert Abrams, I found the best! I will be an Abrams & Associates, LLCs client for life!”
– Dusty Fryer